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Menu Planning


Food will play a major part in your event, so there are always a few key factors to consider when choosing a suitable menu for your guests.​​ Dietary requirements are much more common these days, so please ensure you ask your delegates in advance if they have any allergies or special requirements. 

From intimate dinners for Heads of State, to theatrical food stations for up to 200 guests; our team will ensure your event is a success. 


We always try to use locally grown produce where possible, and we change our menus seasonally so that we always have the best quality ingredients at hand. 



We pride ourselves on using sustainable produce sourced from suppliers who follow strict guidance from organisations such as the Marine Conservation Society and PFLA. We use free range and organic ingredients as standard, and when it comes to packaging and disposables, we only use recycled materials.

Bespoke Menus


Our menu brochure is there to give you an idea of what is available along with pricing. We can however put together bespoke menus for your event. Please feel free to discuss this option with your event manager.

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